What Is a Sexual Offence?

Any sexual behaviour that is perpetrated without consent is an offence.

This includes incidents when a victim changes his or her mind after having previously consented. Even when an adult consents to sexual activity, if it results in serious bodily injury, it can be considered a sexual offence.

Over the last few years, the law in relation to sexual offences has developed at a fast rate. The Sexual Offences Act 2006 introduced and redefined a number of sexual offences, providing for severer penalties upon conviction. The Sexual Offences Act 2009 redefined rape to include penetration of the vagina, mouth and anus.

Been Charged With A Sexual Offence? We Can Help

There are many possible defences against a sexual offence allegation. It is defensible, for example, if the accused had a genuine and reasonable belief that the victim was consenting throughout the sexual activity, especially if he or she took steps to verify consent.

Regardless of the details of any case, the Sexual Offences Act 2009 is very complex and anyone who is reported to the police about a sexual offence must seek immediate advice. If you are facing such a charge, our expert criminal lawyers are available 24/7 to discuss your case via phone or email.

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