Comprehensive Representation

Depending on the severity of your charge, your case may be referred to a number of different courts: Justice of the Peace Court, Sheriff Court, or the High Court. (For more information, read our blog post on the Scottish court system) Wherever your case is heard, we will be there to help.

Representation in the Lower Courts

While it might be possible to represent yourself in the lower courts (that is, in the Justice of the Peace or Sheriff Courts), we strongly advise against it. Court procedures can be complex and the jargon arcane. Even making sure you are in the right place at the right time can be challenging; Sheriff Courts are notoriously busy and difficult to negotiate. Many “party litigants” (i.e., people representing themselves) only realise too late that they are way out of their depth. This is especially true of solemn trials, which are heard in front of a jury, as well as a sheriff.

Emergency Lawyers, on the other hand, will assist you at every stage and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, while, of course, providing you with a world-class legal defence. Christine Murray, our criminal defence specialist solicitor, for example, has over 20 years’ experience representing clients in these courts and excels in front of juries.

Representation in the High Court

If you are appearing in the High Court, you are required by law to have a solicitor advocate represent you. Emergency Lawyers is spearheaded by Richard Freeman, a solicitor advocate with over 20 years’ experience in criminal defence. He is incredibly adept at spotting flaws in a procurator fiscal’s case and favours a multi-strategy approach to defence.

We are determined to succeed with any case we take on. If we represent you, you can be assured of our unwavering commitment to your defence. We will make ourselves available to you 24/7, even if you simply need assurance or more information about court procedures.

If you are due to appear in court, our expert criminal lawyers are available 24/7 to discuss your case via phone or email.

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