Meet the team

Emergency Lawyers is headed by two solicitors, Richard Freeman and Christine Murray. Both have over 20 years' experience in private practice, exclusively defending thousands of clients throughout Scotland.

Richard Freeman – Solicitor Advocate


Richard Freeman has specialised in criminal defence cases for over 20 years, having been a senior partner in one of the busiest criminal law firms in Scotland. He resigned from his former partnership four years ago, in order to develop a practice to his own exacting standards.

He has defended thousands of clients: from celebrity footballers to those charged with murder, armed robbery, drugs, rape and other sexual offences. As a Solicitor Advocate, he has personally represented clients in the High Court of Justiciary, with many cases being included in the Scottish Criminal Case Reports because of their legal significance.

He appears in the Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Courts on a daily basis, defending clients prosecuted for a whole range of offences. His clients regularly testify to his impressive success rate and tenacious approach to defending cases, as well as his eye for discovering fatal technicalities in the Crown case.

He appreciates that every case deserves the same high level of attention, no matter the offence or the client.

  • Specialisaton:Solicitor Advocate

  • Experience:20 years

Christine Murray – Criminal Defence Specialist Solicitor


Christine Murray has been specialising exclusively in criminal defence work for over 20 years. Her passion for the job shines through in her client relations and her professionalism in court. Highly regarded by her professional peers and colleagues, she is a past president of the Glasgow Bar Association: an organisation set up to look after and represent solicitors in Glasgow, the biggest jurisdiction in Scotland.

She has a penchant for jury trials and is at her best in front of a jury, no matter what the offence is.

Emergency Lawyers has a collaborative approach to representing clients, both in terms of the preparation and the determination of the appropriate strategy to be invoked in each case.

  • Specialisaton:Criminal Defence Specialist Solicitor

  • Experience:20 years

Peter Burke – Second Year Trainee Solicitor


Peter has been practising at our firm since graduating from Glasgow University with an honours degree in law. In his two years with us, he has dealt with hundreds of cases, covering the full range of criminal offences. His early involvement in a case frequently proves invaluable: often he persuades the Procurator to discontinue a case or secures exculpatory evidence for the accused.

Peter is usually the first point of contact for legal advice on a criminal matter. He is able to quickly comprehend and address the immediate legal needs of a client. If urgent work is required to protect a client, he will treat this as a top priority.

  • Specialisaton:Criminal Defence Specialist Solicitor

  • Experience:2 years

Kendal Mackie – Office Administrator


Kendal is responsible for ensuring that the administrative functions of the office are running smoothly. She makes sure that everyone who phones Emergency Lawyers is either directed to the right person or is called back as soon as possible: at least before the end of the day. She can immediately recognise urgent requirements and will prioritise these calls even if it means contacting a solicitor in court. Our solicitors regularly check our mobile phones for emails and texts from her.

She coordinates incoming mail for our solicitors and even matches up mail with case files. She has fingertip access to all legal resources throughout Scotland: courts, Fiscals’ offices, and forensic experts in drugs, road traffic and court accountancy.

  • Specialisaton:Office Administrator

What Sets Us Apart from Other Firms

Emergency Lawyers restricts its business to a small number of select cases per year. We neither solicit nor accept every case. This ensures that the cases we take on receive our full focus and attention.

We set ourselves a very high and exacting standard. Before we commit to your case, we need to satisfy ourselves that we can represent you to this standard without compromise. If we take a case, our client can be assured they will have full access to our time and expertise.

Our strategy is unique and has allowed us to achieve unrivalled success in the most complex of criminal cases.

We will discuss every case, but will let you know immediately if your case is one which fits our criteria.

Our expert lawyers are available 24/7 to discuss your case via phone or email.

24/7 Tel: 0141 226 8825