As specialist criminal solicitors we are constantly reviewing important cases in Scotland. Every case in Scotland has a knock-on effect on Scots Law, so we must remain on top of every minute detail and development.

Below, please find some of the most recent cases in Scotland.

David Ingham v. HMA

11 March 2014 Background On 4 June 2013, the Kilmarnock Sheriff Court returned a guilty verdict, ruling that the appellant, David Ingham: “on 18 March 2012 at Her Majesty’s Prison, Kilmarnock …did, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, have…an article … Continued

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Robert Gilmour vs. Her Majesty’s Advocate

12th February 2014 Background On 8th August 2013, police entered Mr Gilmour’s house using an extant warrant dated 9th July, based upon a suspicion that the appellant had been dealing drugs from the vicinity of his home. On the morning … Continued

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