What is Homicide?

Homicide is loss of life as the result of someone’s actions.

Murder, attempted murder and culpable homicide all come under the aegis of homicide. These are common law crimes, meaning that – unlike, say, sexual offences – they are not defined by a specific legal act.

Murder is the killing of another person, either through premeditated actions or ‘wickedly reckless’ behavior; attempted murder defines similar actions that did not result in death. A murderous act is one in which there is complete disregard for the lives of others.

Culpable homicide is the accidental killing of another person, where someone has died unexpectedly as the result of another’s actions. This is the Scots law equivalent of manslaughter and could be the result of an assault, an accident at work, or even the failure to act on behalf of another. The important distinction between murder and culpable homicide is the disregard for human life.

Been Charged With Homicide? We can Help

As you might be aware, homicide, specifically murder, is perhaps the most serious charge that you can be accused of and carries severe penalties. A good solicitor could argue a murder charge down to a culpable homicide by claiming diminished responsibility, or could even achieve an acquittal for the accused by mastering the facts of the case.

If you are facing such a charge, it should go without saying that you will need expert defence. Emergency Lawyers’ dedicated legal team can help. Our solicitor advocate, Richard Freeman, has more than twenty years’ experience in criminal law and has successfully handled a variety of murder cases during his illustrious career.

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