What Is Fraud?

Fraud is the calculated deception of one or many victims, who may be fooled into providing the perpetrator with goods, services or money under false pretences.

Anyone can be defrauded, from individuals to companies, banks and other institutions. Fraud can be as minor as pretending you will pay a taxi fare, when you have no such intention. The taxi driver responds by driving you to the destination with the belief that you intend to pay at the end of the journey. Obvoiusly had the taxi driver known they weren’t going to receive payment they would not have agreed to take you. On the other hand, fraud can be as major as a long-running Ponzi scheme,

Been Charged With Fraud? We Can Help

Fraud is often much more elaborate involving large amounts of money and people who have planned this deceit in detail over a considerable period of time. Such fraud is often difficult to detect by the nature of the deceit and can amount to substantial sums of money. Suspects can be unfairly held responsible for a part to play in it, where in fact they have had no involvement or they have been unwittingly involved.

For example, we once represented a woman whose boyfriend had involved her in a complicated VAT fraud. She agreed to be a director in his company, having no reason to believe it was set up by him to facilitate a major fraud worth millions of pounds. She was subsequently implicated, since her signature was on many formal documents. After our own independent investigations and discussions with the police and the Fiscal’s office, the Crown agreed to discontinue the proceedings against her.

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