Emergency Law


Have you or a relative just been reported to the police, or are you suspected of committing a crime?
Are you in urgent need of specialist criminal legal advice?

Our specialist criminal solicitors are on constant stand-by throughout Scotland, to give immediate legal advice, and will also attend police stations for a police interview. It is crucial that advice in relation to criminal charges is taken at the earliest opportunity. This is especially important before you speak to the police or other investigation agency, whether that be an informal discussion or a formal taped interview.

cuffsWhether you are expecting the police or if you have a relative in police custody
we provide instant access to a lawyer 24 hours a day, who specialises in criminal cases throughout Scotland.

Each of our solicitors has over 20 years’ experience and both have been involved in many cases that have reached the media including murder, rape, assault, fraud & Health and Safety offences. We also have a solicitor advocate in our team who has extensive experience representing clients in the High Court. A number of our cases have been reported in the criminal law reports for their legal significance.

Call today and speak directly with a solicitor who can start your legal defence!

24/7 Tel: 0141 226 8825 or All cases will be discussed!