What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is the theft of entrusted funds.

A typical example would be an accountant transferring a business’s funds to himself without his employer’s consent. Embezzlement is seen as a particularly serious offence, because of the betrayal of trust involved.

Been Charged with Embezzlement? We can Help

Proving embezzlement can be complex, depending on how elaborate the scheme is to hide the defalcations. If you are indicted, however, your case might be tried by a Sheriff and jury, or in the High Court. Trial in a Sheriff court may result in up to five years’ imprisonment. For even more serious cases, the High Court has the power to mete out anything up to a life sentence. It is therefore vital that you consult a criminal solicitor.

If an accusation of embezzlement is made against you, our expert criminal lawyers are available 24/7 to discuss your case via phone or email.

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