What Is a Drug Offence?

Under the Misuse Of Drugs Act 1977, it is an offence to possess or supply proscribed drugs.

Even if you only allow drugs to be kept temporarily in your premises or act as a courier, you can still be charged under the act. The Misuse of Drugs Act allows the right to search a person without a warrant provided the police have a reasonable suspicion of the suspects. It is often the persons lower down in the chain of supply that are caught. Depending on the value and class of the drugs and the accused’s level of involvement, a case might be tried in the High Court, which could result in severe penalties

Been Charged for a Drug Offence? We can Help

Each of our solicitors has over 20 years’ experience defending clients charged with drug offences. We act for a number of clients involved in the cultivation of controlled substances, most commonly cannabis where it is claimed by the police that they are in receipt of reliable information that the suspect has been involved growing plants and a search is then done of the premises.

Often the starting point in our defence is to question how the police discovered the drugs. If the seizure required a warrant, for example, it is important to scrutinise the document and if possible raise a Bill of Suspension. If this were successful, evidence relating to the search would be considered inadmissible, proving fatal to the Crown’s case.

The law in relation to such prosecutions however is complex as is the evidential requirements and accordingly it is very important to instruct a specialist solicitor in this field as soon as possible.

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