The Final Verdict

If you have been hit with an unfair sentence, don’t lose hope. A successful appeal can have huge results. The appeal court, which operates primarily out of the high court in Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, might drastically reduce a sentence or fine; they might substitute community service or probation in place of prison-time; they might even acquit you. While appealing your sentence, you might achieve ‘interim liberation’: that is, requesting bail and subsequently being released while the results of the appeal are pending.

Even if an appeal fails, there are more avenues to explore, such as applying to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Speedy Response

Most appeals have to be registered within a strict time period. You only have a week to appeal a summary conviction (i.e., one tried by a sheriff or justice of the peace without a jury) and a fortnight to appeal an indictment (i.e., a conviction following a trial by jury or a guilty plea).

It is therefore crucial that you contact a solicitor immediately. At Emergency Lawyers, we have an intimate knowledge of the appeals system and can act quickly: sometimes, even lodging a client’s appeal within a day.

For our help with your appeal, our expert criminal lawyers are available 24/7 to discuss your case via phone or email.

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